Miditzer Style 216

Miditzer Style 216

Emulates the Wurlitzer organ playing experience
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Jim Henry
Play a theatre organ on a personal computer by emulating its setup, keys and sound frequencies. The emulation suite includes MIDI player with recording options, virtual pedal keyboard, and coupler, multiple accompaniment patterns. Display adjustment and sound fonts in FluidSynth are available.

THE Miditzer™ is made freely available so that you can enjoy the experience of playing a theatre organ. Whether you are someone who can't play a note but wonders what all those doo-dads on a theatre organ do or an accomplished theatre organist who wants to be able to practice at home, the Miditzer™ will put a virtual Wurlitzer theatre organ at your fingertips to explore.
MIDITZER now includes a MIDI Player/Recorder to allow easy sharing of Miditzer performances. An accompaniment to pedal coupler to ease registration tasks for left hand plus pedal accompaniment patterns. Divisional cancels aid in registration. The toys can now be activated by computer keys R to O. The display automatically adjusts to fit the display resolution. Update stop tab graphic make it easier to tell which stops are on. Bank select is now supported for the loading of sound fonts in FluidSynth. The Miditzer can be configured to split a single keyboard to control both manuals. Second touch can be activated with the right mouse button or the spacebar. The MIDI messages that control the expression, pistons, and stops can be configured.

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